Since 2002, Niko Partners been publishing reports, analysis, and articles about the games markets in China and Asia. We’ve put together this list of our most popular blog posts, analysis and reports of 2019, organized by topic.

New Regulations

China’s State Administration of Press and Publication resumed game approvals at the end of 2018 after a nine-month freeze. This year, China’s gaming regulator introduced a number of new policies which were covered extensively on our blog and allowed readers to understand the full extent of China’s game regulatory environment. Key blog posts on this topic include:

Game approvals restart progressing well in Q1 2019
New game approval process introduced in April
China to revise minor protection law
Regulator to combat gaming addiction among minors

Trends and Market Updates

In 2019 we published a number of blog posts about new trends, as well as market updates about new games, company earnings and more.

India is a fast-growing mobile games market thanks to battle royale titles
How Chinese and American gamers differ
Game publishers look to combat addiction among minors
Tencent introduces new battle royale game to replace PUBG Mobile in China
Tencent outlines new policy to grow game live streaming ecosystem
China’s leading game companies rebound in H1 2019
Sony’s China Hero Project shines positive light on console gaming in China
Nintendo partners with Tencent to bring Switch to China

Gaming events and conferences

Niko Partners attended a number of events and conferences in 2019 to present our data and findings to the games industry as well as to discover the latest games, services, hardware, and technology for 2019. Summaries of our takeaways from each event can be found below:

Garena World 2019
Gamesbeat Summit Panel
E3 2019
BEKRAF Game Prime 2019
World Cyber Games 2019 Finals
ChinaJoy 2019
IDBYTE Esports 2019 Conference
China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable

Free Downloadable Reports

We published 3 free reports in 2019. Two of which covered the games strategy for Tencent and NetEase in 2019. The final report looked at how mobile esports has grown in Asia.

Evolution of Mobile Esports for the Mass Market
Tencent Games Strategy 2019
NetEase Games Strategy 2019

Syndicated Reports

We published 7 robust syndicated reports in 2019. These reports provided our market models, market share estimates, analysis and data on gamer behaviour, gamer preferences, hot genres, competition, M&A activity, gamer spending and more.

Cloud Gaming in Asia
Southeast Asia + Chinese Taipei Mobile Games Report
Southeast Asia + Chinese Taipei PC Games Report
Greater Southeast Asia Gamer Segmentation Study
Chinese Gamer Segmentation Study
China Mobile Games Report
China PC Games Report
China Console & TV Based Games Report
China Games Market Model Update (Half Year)

Looking forward to 2020

Niko Partners will continue to publish new content on the China and Greater Southeast Asia games market in 2020. We now cover 11 markets in our market models: China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Chinese Taipei, plus new in 2020 are India, Japan and South Korea.

If you’d like to learn more about these markets in 2020:

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