What you’ll learn from this report:

China’s PC games market is the largest in the world, and deserves the attention of games companies worldwide. For PC hardware and components makers, China’s games and esports market is a significant opportunity for computers, chips and accessories, peripherals, and equipment, both for home use and in the country’s internet cafes. The report explains our analysis on where those opportunities will come from, which segments are hot now and growing, and what the impact on the games industry will be.

The half-year update report is now available.
The report is an update of the market model based on the current market and economy, and covers PC, mobile and console and is $2,500 with the purchase of one market report or free with the purchase of two or more market reports.
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Half-Year Update Published October 2022


Key takeaways from the analysis:

  • China’s domestic mobile + PC game revenue was $45.49 billion in 2021, up 5.5% YoY and is projected to reach $55.23 billion in 2026 at a 5-year CAGR of 4%
  • There were 706 million gamers in 2021, down 3.7% YoY, and projected to reach 730m in 2026 at a 5-year CAGR of 0.7%
    • Growth of the number of gamers is slower than previously projected. This is due to youth gamers leaving the market because of the September 2021 regulatory measures, and primarily impacts the number of mobile gamers
    • In 2021 China strengthened existing regulations, temporarily halted issuing game licenses (ISBN), and shifted toward compliance and enforcement
    • The resumption of game licensing in April 2022 is a positive sign for the market
  • Annual ARPU was $64.44 in 2021 and set to reach $75.60. ARPPU is also on the rise
  • Chinese game companies are playing a larger role overseas:
    • China’s export mobile + PC game revenue was $17.3 billion in 2021, up 27.3% YoY and is projected to reach $26.46bn in 2026 at a 5-year CAGR of 8.9%
  • China has the most developed esports market in the world with an audience of 434 million esports fans
  • China’s 220 game related investment events in 2021 were double that of 2020
  • More than 16,000 metaverse-related trademarks have been filed in China

What’s included:

  • A comprehensive market model and 5-year forecast through 2026 by games segment
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis on gamer demand, behavior, and usage for PC online games, hardware, and accessories
  • Growth drivers and trends
  • Games to watch
  • Esports
  • Game publishers and operators
  • PC hardware and accessories
  • Icafes
  • Free to play, buy to play and subscription games
  • PC client games, PC webgames, PC casual games, Steam, WeGame, Epic Games Store
  • Case studies
  • Regulations and game licenses
  • Analysis of our proprietary survey of Chinese gamers
  • 108 slides

What’s included in the half-year update:

  • A comprehensive market model and 5-year forecast through 2026
  • Mobile games market model and trends
  • PC games market model and trends
  • Console games market model and trends
  • Export games market model and trends
  • Games market updates including public game companies, icafes, esports and streaming, M&A, and regulations
  • 41 slides

Report contents:

  • Executive summary – market model
  • Executive summary – insights
  • Mobile games market model
  • 2020-2026e – mobile games market revenue
  • 2020-2026e – mobile games market gamers
  • Growth Drivers & Inhibitors
  • Key growth drivers
  • Key growth inhibitors
  • China forecast through 2026
  • Key factors through 2026
  • The metaverse
  • Investment and support for the metaverse
  • China’s metaverse will develop differently
  • Case study: Harry Potter Magic Awakened
  • Market Update
  • 2021 in review
  • COVID-19 impact
  • More top games come out each year
  • Top mobile game genres
  • MMO / RPG genre
  • Core genres
  • New genres
  • New themes
  • Most popular themes
  • IP based mobile games
  • China’s AAA phase
  • China’s AAA strategy
  • Investment in AAA game studios
  • Casual mobile games in China
  • Monetization models – battle pass
  • Monetization models – gacha
  • Monetization models – premium mobile games
  • Advertising and user acquisition
  • Mobile game co-promotions
  • Female Gamers
  • Female gamers genre preferences
  • Female gamers spending habits across PC genres
  • Spending differences: females vs males
  • Esports & Live Streaming
  • The China esports market
  • China’s esports industry
  • Notable mobile esports tournaments (2021-2022)
  • Esports participation
  • Top streaming games
  • Game & Publisher Rankings
  • Top iOS mobile games by revenue
  • Top iOS mobile games by downloads
  • Top iOS mobile game publishers
  • Top mobile games
    Mobile game pipeline for 2022
    Game Distribution
    Top mobile game publishers
    Top export mobile game publishers
    Spotlight: ByteDance
    China’s game distribution landscape – mobile
    Leading mobile app markets in China
    The take rate debate continues
  • Gamer demographics
  • Most played mobile games
  • Time spent gaming
  • Payments
  • In game spending drivers and influences
  • Game title download drivers and influences
  • Game popularity inhibitors
  • Marketing and monetization
  • Game emulators
  • Gamer views on current market trends
  • Devices & Networks
  • Mobile phone shipments
  • 5G subscriptions and smartphones
  • Smartphone usage and sales
  • Gaming smartphones in China
  • Financial / M&A
  • M&A / Investment / IPO activity
  • Key PC game related investments / acquisitions
  • Earnings
  • Market capitalization of publicly traded companies
  • Game regulations & licensing
  • Key gaming regulations in 2021 and 2022
  • China’s regulatory environment
  • Game licensing freeze in mid-2021
  • Game approvals 2017-2021
  • Licenses granted in 2021 prior to the freeze