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The Asia-10 region will be more than 1 billion gamers by 2026. Each market report includes a comprehensive market model and 5-year forecast through 2026 by games segment, key data on game publishers, games rankings, growth drivers, trends, and the results of a survey of more than 5,500 gamers. The reports also cover esports, product distribution, payments, financial transaction events, regulations, and qualitative and quantitative analysis on gamer demand, spending, and behavior. 

In May 2022 Niko Partners issued our annual China games market size and 5-year forecast for 2020-2026, for PC, mobile and console games market segments. This China Six-month Update report explains our revised market forecast based on the current market and economy, new regulations, realized and projected impact of anticipated games, and current trends in gaming in China.

As the fastest rising demographic in Asia’s growing gaming markets, female gamers are transforming Asia’s gaming landscape with ever greater influence on gaming trends and impact on revenue. This report provides insights and analysis of Asia’s female gamers across games, esports, and streaming along with market size and potential; and includes a detailed analysis of female gamer demographics, behavior, preferences, and spending; and the growth drivers and trends that will impact the female market in Asia.

This report covers the most important trends that are reshaping the way people experience games: the metaverse, web 3, cloud gaming, extended reality, and virtual influencers. Asia is at the forefront of gaming and is leading way in the implementation and adoption of emerging technology. We examine the current stage of implementation of these critical themes in the games markets of Asia and MENA along with their future impact and identifies opportunities for growth and investment through 2026.

A detailed analysis of youth gamer demographics, behavior, preferences, and spending; and the growth drivers and trends that will impact the youth market in China. New regulations introduced in September 2021 further restricted the amount of time that youth gamers in China could play video games. This report shows who China’s youth gamers are, what they do with their time, what priorities they have, and what impact the regulations have had on their gaming behavior.