We’re a market research and consulting firm covering video games, esports, and streaming in Asia.

We provide qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, market models, forecasts, and strategic advisory services to give you the intelligence and answers you need to truly understand the region.

We leverage our own proprietary data, and our panel of more than 4 million consumers in China and millions more throughout Chinese Taipei, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

We’ve helped game publishers, platforms, hardware makers, esports, consumer brands, investors, payments providers, hedge funds, and consulting firms — in the West and in Asia — understand and succeed in the world’s largest and fastest growing games markets.

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Our most comprehensive report yet on gamers in China with a detailed analysis of gamer behavior and spending by geography, gender, and platform. Includes addressable market, gamer demographics, and gaming behavior: discovery, time spent, engagement, top games, spending, gamer motivations, gaming preferences, gaming platforms, and more.

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This free report covers the development of esports in Asia and the implications for the global market. For over two decades Asia has led global esports trends, serving as a predictor of developments that have shaped esports around the world. Understanding Asia is key to understanding the future of esports and gaming.

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