Intelligence, strategy and guidance for Asia’s games market

We’re a market research and consulting firm covering the Asia games market and its consumers.

We provide qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, market models, forecasts, and strategic advisory services to give you the intelligence and answers you need to truly understand the region.

We’ve helped game publishers, platforms, hardware makers, esports, payments providers, hedge funds, cryptocurrencies, consulting firms, and consumer brands — in the West and in Asia — understand and succeed in the world’s largest and fastest growing games markets.

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Data & Reports

Comprehensive reports include data, analysis, and forecasts covering all aspects of the games markets in China and Southeast Asia leveraging our own proprietary data, and our panel of more than 3 million consumers in China and millions more throughout Asia.

In-Market Analysts

Our on the ground, native speaking analysts conduct all of our primary research: fielding surveys, talking to gamers, visiting events and venues, and regularly meeting with game company executives and government officials.

Consulting and Custom Research

Focus groups, concept testing, surveys & interviews, market entry analysis, partner selection, executive roadshows and more deliver the critical knowledge required to understand the market, make strategic decisions, or accelerate your path to profitability.

Niko News

The most important Asia games news, curated by our analysts, delivered weekly.

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