This insights article is written by Niko Partners in conjunction with gamescom asia

Did you know that it is Southeast Asia that is taking the lead in terms of growth in the video games market and esports industry? The region generates $6 billion in market revenue and hosts nearly 300 million gamers in 2023. That is 7% of Asia’s gaming revenue (including China, Japan, and Korea) and 22% of the total gamers in Asia.

As a promising market, what makes the Southeast Asia unique? One of the answers is the prominent role of gaming influencers. Niko’s gamer survey in 2022 revealed that 1 in 3 Southeast Asian gamers got their information for games from influencers/Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Find out how influencers help to propel Southeast Asia’s most popular games into success in this insights article.

Niko Partners is a knowledge partner of gamescom asia.

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