Top Chinese Mobile Games

Niko collaborated with App Annie for ranking data on mobile games for our July 2014 Chinese Mobile Games Market Report. Gamelook reported on the data that App Annie released for June usage in China, and Tencent dominates all lists.

Perfect World’s Q2

Perfect World saw strong growth in Q2 because of demand for DOTA 2 and Swordsman Online. The company is preparing to expand beyond PC online games with a line of console games, first for Xbox One, which is due to launch in China in September. Perfect World also has the highest ratio of international sales (roughly 25% of online games services revenues) compared to its publicly traded online game operator competitors in China.

Separately, Netease also reported Q2 online games revenue growth over Q1 thanks to the popularity of the Blizzard titles (Hearthstone is very popular in China) and its in-house developed hits.

Tencent reported strong earnings growth and the mobile messager WeChat now has 438.2 million monthly active users.

VentureBeat Explores China

Dean Takahashi’s first-hand account of how China’s games industry will play out in the global world is a good read, based on his recent visit to ChinaJoy. China will become more open and Chinese companies will also expand more internationally.