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China bans ICOs, Apple accepts WeChat Pay, the key to Honor of Kings success

China bans fundraising through ICOs China has banned and made illegal the practice of raising funds through digital token based initial coin offerings (ICO). The rise of cryptocurrencies has led to $2.2 billion having been raised through ICOs this year alone. Chinese regulators have described initial coin offerings as “a form of unapproved illegal public financing” [...]

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China Issues Broad New Rules for Web

China Issues Broad New Rules for Web New regulations were announced in China this week, aggregating several existing policies to ease in enforcement of rules governing online publishing. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, the new regulations-jointly issued by the ministry of information technology and the publications regulator-ban companies with foreign ownership of [...]

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Chinese Smartphones Dominate at CES

CES 2016 - Chinese Smartphones Dominate CES 2016 displayed a wide range of Chinese Android phones as well as a contentious hoverboard. There was not much news reported about Chinese gaming devices however, except of course for the fact that Android phones are one of the most important gaming devices in the world these days. American [...]

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Perfect World Potentially Going Private

Perfect World Potentially Going Private Perfect World might be the next publicly traded Chinese online games operator to go private, following similar moves by Shanda Games and Giant Interactive. Perfect World's chairman of the board, Chi Yu Feng, offered $3.49/share for the company. The news pushed the stock price up 22% on NASDAQ. Vietnam's Internet Slowed [...]

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Xbox One Launches in China, Ending Foreign Console Ban

Xbox One Launched on Sept. 29th in China The Xbox One launched September 29 after a one-week delay from the planned launch date in China. Initial reaction is positive but many gamers are waiting to see which of the 70 games in the pipeline for launch will actually make it to market. 10 games, including 2 [...]

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Perfect World Doubles Profits in Q2

Top Chinese Mobile Games Niko collaborated with App Annie for ranking data on mobile games for our July 2014 Chinese Mobile Games Market Report. Gamelook reported on the data that App Annie released for June usage in China, and Tencent dominates all lists. Perfect World's Q2 Perfect World saw strong growth in Q2 because of demand [...]

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MOBA Games Lead in China

NetEase to Operate Diablo III in China NetEase will operate Blizzard's Diablo III in China. It will be the 5th collaboration by the two companies, with the prior 4 games being StarCraft II, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Diablo III is a global sensation and has sold more than 15 million copies [...]

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Perfect World’s Big Week

Perfect World's Big Week Perfect World is in the news this week because the company is diversifying from exclusively PC online games not only into mobile games (under way) but also into console games. The company plans to launch 10-20 mobile games per year, and 2-3 console games (for Xbox One) - all in China. Three [...]

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Niko News Roundup: Perfect World Purchases Shares of Shanda Games

Perfect World Purchases Shares of Shanda In a trend-setting move for the Chinese online games industry, Perfect World announced it will purchase more than 30 million shares of Shanda Games for $100 million in cash, and will join an acquisition alliance in a consortium with Primavera Capital (Cayman) Fund. The alliance proposed acquisition of Shanda to [...]

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