What you’ll learn from this bulletin:

Niko Partners partnered with AppMagic to create “Five Key Mobile Game Genres in Asia and MENA”​ – a free bulletin that covers five important mobile game genres in the Asia & MENA regions. The bulletin also provides analysis on market sizing, player profiles, and rankings across key metrics. Utilizing Niko Partner’s extensive proprietary data on the video games industry and AppMagic’s mobile game data analytics, we evaluated five of the most popular mobile game genres (RPG, Strategy, MOBA, Puzzle, Battle Royale) across 21 unique metrics to create rankings in four different categories: Monetization, Engagement, Esports and Appeal.

This bulletin also delivers strategic insights and guidance on the profile of gamers that play games in these genres across Asia and MENA.

Key Takeaways:

  • Role Playing Games (RPG) is the #1 genre based on overall genre score, ranking highly across the four different metric categories.
  • Battle Royale is the #1 genre for esports, with its esports score 3x that of the puzzle genre.
  • Players of puzzle games are the most likely to value localization and the genre ranks #1 for overall downloads.



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