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Niko’s Value Added News Analysis is a curated news service sent directly to your inbox. Our multilingual analysts collect news on critical topics for the games industry, in local language, and then provide a summary, link, and Niko analysis in English, for each news item.


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The flow of news from the Asia games market is essential for companies that have an interest in the region. But language barriers, censorship, and the nuances of government-generated information make it difficult to determine the information that is critical to doing business.

Many companies assume their local Asian offices will efficiently collect all news and information relevant to their business – but this is a formidable task, and usually out of scope for a game developer or marketing department. This is where Niko Partners comes in: we take on the task of scouring all of the news in local languages and English to capture relevant information.

You select three topics and our multilingual analysts collect the news on those topics and provides accompanying analysis, in English, of each news item.

Options include:


  • China covers: mainland China


  • Asia-10 covers: Chinese Taipei, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.