Chinese Game Company Earnings Rise, Despite Regulatory Issues

China’s $33 billion per year digital games market was blanketed in worry during the nine month freeze on licenses that are mandatory in order to launch a game there. Worry came from investors, who thought that the freeze would result in lower earnings. It also came from game companies, who thought that they might never get [...]

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Sony’s China Hero Project shines a positive light on console gaming

China’s market for game consoles is often overlooked because the revenue is much lower than the other key segments of PC online gaming and mobile gaming. However, the console and TV-based games market in China is now worth over $750 million annually, and is set to exceed $1 billion by 2021. Whilst the growth in consoles [...]

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Apex Legends in China

Apex Legends is EA’s new battle royale title that has become a global phenomenon seemingly overnight. EA skipped the traditional marketing cycle for Apex Legends, instead opting to announce and release the game on the same day. For any publisher this would be considered as very risky, but in this case the surprise launch was quite [...]

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2019 Predictions for the Asia Games Market

Originally published at In celebration of 17 years of delivering market intelligence on the Chinese and Greater Southeast Asian digital games industry, we’ve put together 17 predictions for the industry in 2019. You can also check up on how we did with our predictions for 2018 here. 1. China and Greater Southeast Asia (GSEA) will be [...]

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Tencent’s Live Streaming Notice

Tencent Games announced a plan to standardise the behaviour of anchors on live streaming platforms. The move comes after regulators have intensified supervision of the live streaming industry in the past year. As an online games operator, Tencent is assuming responsibility for the game content and responsibility for the anchors’ compliance in promoting the game on [...]

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Gaming Addiction in China

This article is a short excerpt from our most recent Asia Trends Report. Niko's Asia Trends Report is subscription based, timely, in-depth analysis of the market’s most important topics as they happen. Past notes have included topics such as regulatory landscape changes, how the next 150 million mobile gamers will enter China’s mobile games market, analysis [...]

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Tencent, NetEase and Perfect World included in January approval list

China’s new gaming regulator, the State Administration of Press and Publication (SAPP), released today a list of digital games that have been granted a license for publication. Tencent, NetEase and Perfect World have titles in this list, which is the 4th batch of licenses since December 19, 2018 which licensing resumed after a 9-month ban.   [...]

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How Chinese and American gamers differ

This article by Nick Yee of Quantic Foundry was originally published at VentureBeat, and with further statistical detail, at Quantic Foundry.  Since the beginning of 2018, Quantic Foundry and Niko Partners have been working together on a series of survey-based projects. Niko Partners is a market research and consulting firm covering the games markets in Asia. In one of [...]

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2018’s most popular articles and analysis

Since 2002, Niko Partners been publishing reports, analysis, and articles about the China and Greater Southeast Asia games markets. We’ve put together this list of our most popular analysis of 2018, organized by topic. You can also check our blog for frequent industry updates, articles and analysis, and subscribe to our free newsletter for each week’s [...]

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A new Online Game Ethics Committee is formed in China

An Online Game Ethics Committee has been established in Beijing under the guidance of the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CCPD). The newly established committee is formed of game experts and scholars who will evaluate whether certain games abide by the social values that China holds dear. China’s state [...]

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