29 04, 2020

Watch: Games in China – Demand Doesn’t Cease

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The Chinese gaming market remains a juggernaut, a place where players are always wanting more to play on their mobile devices and PCs (and yes, even consoles). In this roundtable discussion at GamesBeat Summit 2020 moderated by Lisa Hanson of Niko Partners, we learn more about what's happening in China (before and after COVID-19 hit) with [...]

29 04, 2020

India Suddenly Clamps Down on FDI from China – What it Means for Indian Video Games Companies and Opportunities for Other Investors

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In the same week that India hinders Chinese FDI, Facebook signs a massive deal with India tech behemoth RelianceJio Indian foreign direct investment policies (FDI) have changed since Prime Minister Narendra Modi was elected to his second term of office in May 2019, having initially been elected as PM in 2014. Under Mr. Modi, India had [...]

6 04, 2020

China’s top streaming games and platforms

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We've just launched our China Games Streaming Tracker. Already one of the most important segments of gaming and esports, streaming has taken on even more prominence due to the coronavirus outbreak. China’s gamers have increased their gaming and streaming time, and esports events have moved from offline to online only. The China Game Streaming Tracker tracks [...]

24 03, 2020

Earnings roundup 2019

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2019 was a year of recovery and growth for Chinese game companies Niko Partners reported 2019 China game market revenue of $33.4 billion, up 7.4% YoY. 2019 was a year of recovery for the games industry in China, after a nine month freeze on new game licenses in 2018. Even with stricter regulations introduced, as covered [...]

23 03, 2020

China to crack down on non compliant games

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In February 2020 we published Game regulations in China: everything you need to know as a comprehensive resource for our readers. With the majority of new regulations in place, our observation now is that China’s SAPP has shifted to enforcement, including potentially closing loopholes that have been around for years. We base our analysis on recent game [...]

12 03, 2020

First import games approved by China in 2020

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China’s regulators announced 2020’s first batch of imported games licenses on March 12, the first since November 25, 2019. In 2019 there were also no imported games licenses in January or February, however this could be purely coincidental. This batch has 27 titles, including 16 mobile games, 6 PC games and 5 console games, please see [...]

12 03, 2020


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23 02, 2020

China’s Changing Climate for Import Games

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China has always been a hard market to crack for non-Chinese game companies. But the regulatory approval of games imported into China has started to improve, according to our latest market research report. We have tracked games licenses in China since 2009 and aggregated the data based on country of origin, genre, developer, domestic publisher, platform, [...]

11 02, 2020

Asia’s top news and trends in gaming and esports

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The below trends and news stories are excerpted from our Value Added News Analysis service from January 2020. Esports sponsorships We see more sponsorships deal from both endemic and non-endemic brands. Indonesia’s EVOS introduced AXIS (a multinational telecommunication company, subsidiary of Axiata) as their new sponsor Red Bull and regional bank CIMB separately held esports tournaments [...]

5 02, 2020

Gaming in China: Lunar New Year and the Coronavirus Outbreak

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The Lunar New Year holiday is when we see the highest demand for gaming in China annually. In the Year of the Rat we observe total spending, time spent in games and active users increased significantly across top games for the holiday week ending January 30th, compared to the first week of the holiday in 2019. [...]