Shanda Group to Start VR Theme Park in China

Happy Lunar New Year! 新年快乐- xīnnián kuàilè! Happy Lunar New Year to all of our readers! May the Year of the Fire Monkey be prosperous for you all. Xiaomi Game Center's 2015 Annual Report Xiaomi released the Xiaomi Game Center's 2015 annual report. The report shows that the Xiaomi Game Center had 1.45 billion downloads in [...]

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Intriguing Acquisitions of CMGE & Shanda

Chinese Mobile Gaming Market to Benefit From Faster Replacement Rate of Smartphones Technode (via Sinocism) posted an article stating that Chinese smartphone users changed their smartphones once every 29-months in 2011, but the period has been shorted to 18 months now. Over 20% of Chinese users will update for a newer phone within one year, while [...]

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Shanda Games Going Private

Shanda Games Going Private Shanda Games has announced it will go private, leaving the Nasdaq where it is traded under the symbol GAME. Capitalhold Limited will acquire Shanda at $3.55 per share, valuing the company at $1.9 billion. Giant Interactive went private last year, and Perfect World also plans to go private. This means three of [...]

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Steam May Be Coming to China

Steam Rumored to Come to China An article in states that Steam appears to be gearing up for a China launch in 2015, and is currently in regulatory review for that to happen. There is a simplified Chinese version of Steam already but the digital distribution platform has not yet been approved for the Chinese [...]

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Niko News Roundup: Perfect World Purchases Shares of Shanda Games

Perfect World Purchases Shares of Shanda In a trend-setting move for the Chinese online games industry, Perfect World announced it will purchase more than 30 million shares of Shanda Games for $100 million in cash, and will join an acquisition alliance in a consortium with Primavera Capital (Cayman) Fund. The alliance proposed acquisition of Shanda to [...]

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Niko News Roundup: Tencent’s 200 Million Concurrent QQ Users

Shanda's New Game: Bloodline Shanda's new self-developed game Bloodline will be launched in the oversea markets in April or May. Right now, Singapore and Taiwan are two target markets that have been released. Due to the Japanese manga type of artstyle and RPG core gameplay, Japan will be another target market. Tencent's Concurrent QQ Users 200 [...]

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Niko News Roundup: Shanghai FTZ regulations to be announced soon

The Shanghai FTZ We eagerly await more detail regarding the regulations governing consoles in the China (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Zone. Gamelook said that the details should be coming shortly, or at least a temporary plan should be coming shortly. It seems that international versions of Xbox One and PS4 are already being sold on, [...]

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Niko News Roundup: Asia is the Leading App Market in the World

Games Usage Expected to Rise During Lunar New Year Period With the Chinese Lunar New Year coming soon (January 31st through February 6th), we look forward to seeing how the game rankings play out - typically, most games are overwhelmed with users during Chinese holidays. According to an analysis by, 2013 was the year of [...]

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Shanda Games Introduces Mobile Platform

Many Chinese PC online game operators have entered the mobile game platform and distribution segment in effort to boost their mobile games business in mainland China. Shanda had already announced that it would self-publish an in-house developed mobile game released this year, but this week the company also announced the launch of "G-Home", a mobile game [...]

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