Xiaomi released data about mobile games through app.xiaomi.com during the National Day holiday period in October. Here are their disclosed metrics:

  1. 50 new games in total were launched on Xiaomi Game Center in Oct, 10 of which were debut launch titles.
  2. October’s top 10 downloads for mobile game are “Mine Rush” (Tian Tian Pao Ku), “Temple Run 2”, “Rhythm Masters” (Jie Zou Da Shi), “Plants vs Zombies 2 HD”, “Need for Speed™ Most Wanted”, “WeMatch” (Tian Tian Ai Xiao Chu), “Deer Hunter 2014”, “Despicable Me”, “Frontline Commando:D-DAY”, and “Link Link”. Four of them are WeChat games.
  3. October’s top 10 downloads for online game are “Space-time Hunter” (Shi Kong Lie Ren), “I’m MT”, “Lian Wu OL”, “The Legend of King”, “Castle Clash”, “Dream One Piece”, “Tian Tian Ai Xi You”, “Hordes and Lords”, “Red Alert 4”, and “Shen Diao Xia Lv”. “Lian Wu OL” rose to number three in a very short time, indicating the popularity of casual dancing online games on mobile.
  4. October’s top 10 grossing: “Space-time Hunter”, “I’m MT”, “Dream One Piece”, “The Legend of King”, “Shen Diao Xia Lv”, “Mei Nv Zha Jin Hua”, “Qin Mei Ren”, “Tian Tian Ai Xi You”, “Castle Clash”, and “Hordes and Lords”.

There were a lot of campaign and events during the holiday. The “prepay and return” campaign received the best results, with more than 20% increase in revenue.