Esports is competitive gaming, by professional or amateur gamers. Alongside the competitions, which are typically in the form of tournaments, an ecosystem has spawned to support esports. This includes venue infrastructure, tournament organization, sponsors and advertising, chat tools, networking, team management, branded apparel and gaming hardware devices and accessories, video streaming, and more.

Esports is the driver for future growth in PC and mobile gaming. Not all games developed in the future will be used in competition, but the lessons from esports will permeate the business of games going forward.

Esports extends the life of games, makes games more sticky, keeps people engaged with social sharing of scores and victories, promotes the streaming video industry, captures the attention of consumer brands globally, brings a new vertical market to construction of venues used for esports, and even breathes new life into long-standing real world sports.

Asia is the current global center for esports enthusiasts. This report will show you what is happening with esports in Asia, and what it means for the West.

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