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Asia is home to the largest audience of esports players and fans in the world. This report covers the development of the esports industry across Asia and its implications for the global market.

Esports has emerged as one of the strongest drivers of growth in the gaming industry, and nowhere is this more evident than Asia. For over two decades Asia has led global esports trends, serving as a predictor of developments that have shaped esports around the world. Understanding Asia is key to understanding the future of esports and gaming.


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Key takeaways from the analysis:

  • Asia has the largest audience of esports players and fans in the world, with:
    • 510 million esports fans.
    • 595 million esports gamers.
  • Asia generated nearly half of all global esports revenue in 2019 at $519 million.
  • Mobile esports games in Asia generated $13.3 billion in 2019, 68% of global mobile esports games revenue.
  • COVID-19 has slowed esports’ rapid expansion as in-person tournaments have moved to online-only or been put on hold. However, these setbacks have been offset by a significant increase in esports viewership and time spent gaming during the pandemic.
    • Esports streaming viewership increased by 75-100%.
    • 50-75% of gamers spent more time playing games.
  • Asia’s esports dominance is built on a gaming ecosystem that favors esports, a cultural preference for esports titles, high levels of investment in esports competition, and a robust esports infrastructure.

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