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The Exploding World of China’s VR Cafes

ChinaJoy 2016 This week is China's biggest gaming convention of the year, ChinaJoy. The conference is in Shanghai and it runs July 28th through the 31st. Let us know if you would like to meet with us! Internet Users in China Reaches 688 Million Data published by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) shows that as [...]

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Niko News: Wandoujia Acquired by Alibaba

Wandoujia Acquired by Alibaba Alibaba will acquire Wandoujia at $200 million. After the acquisition Wandoujia will be incorporated into Alibaba's mobile business unit. Softbank used to be the largest shareholder of Wandoujia. In 2014, Wandoujia landed $120 million in Series B financing from Softbank, DCM and Innovation Works Development Fund. It was also then invested in [...]

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The Good and the Bad of the Passion for Gaming in Chinese Internet Cafés

Originally published on Gamasutra. When it comes to describing hard-core gamers in China, “passionate” might be too gentle of an adjective. Both positive and negative components exist in this passion particularly as it relates to gamers in Internet cafés; on the one hand, the I-cafe industry is experiencing a grand resurgence thanks to hard-core gamers, becoming [...]

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Alibaba’s Spectacular Singles Day

Internet Cafes in China According to the Chinese Ministry of Culture, investment in domestic I-cafés has exceeded RMB 20 billion ($3.1 billion) in the past year. The Ministry of Culture encourages I-cafes to upgrade systems and facilities, and to improve management according to the law, sustainable development and good judgment. Five Myths About China's Economy McKinsey [...]

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Xiaomi Apologizes for Data Access

Xiaomi Apologizes for Data Access According to Slashdot, now Xiaomi has apologized for collecting private data from its customers. From the article: "Xiaomi Inc said it had upgraded its operating system to ensure users knew it was collecting data from their address books after a report by a computer security firm said the Chinese budget smartphone [...]

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MOBA Games Lead in China

NetEase to Operate Diablo III in China NetEase will operate Blizzard's Diablo III in China. It will be the 5th collaboration by the two companies, with the prior 4 games being StarCraft II, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Diablo III is a global sensation and has sold more than 15 million copies [...]

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NIKO ANALYSIS: Can Blade and Soul win out against established leaders?

Tencent launched NCSoft’s Blade & Soul (MMORPG) November 28, 2013 in China. Last week, Tencent announced it reached 1.5 million PCU, which is lower than the 2.0 million that was speculated in December. Tencent has the Midas touch yet again: this is its 6th game with PCU greater than 1 million. Blade & Soul is without a [...]

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Internet Cafes on Decline in China

Thanks to the rise in home PC penetration, an improvement in home broadband access, and strong demand for mobile devices, the Internet café sector of China has been challenged. The Ministry of Culture is encouraging service providers to improve what they offer in order to stay afloat.

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Internet Cafes Still Relevant for Gaming

Niko found an Internet café report from via a weibo post stating that I-cafés are most relevant for gaming. Their report says that 89.4% of customers go to I-cafés for playing games, up from 76% in 2011. Other activities that are hot are movie watching and music listening. However, Niko also collects data on I-café [...]

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