Tencent has been spreading the good word about its success this week. The CEO Zhiping Liu said that 26 apps on Tencent’s platform earn more than 10 millin RMB monthly, and WeChat has more than 70 million overseas users. He also said that after merely 3 years of operation, in 2013, developers publishing to Tencent’s platform have received collectively 3 billion RMB in rev share, while it took Tencent 8 years to get to annual revenue of 3 billion RMB. Meanwhile, VP Jiaxin Peng reports that as of April 2013 there were 80,000 developers on Tencent’s platform and that they had developed 40,000 games which led to more than 100,000 RMB in monthly revenue, a 50% increase over the same time in 2012.