Finally, a new MMORPG has reached the Top 5 list in China. Tencent launched the China-developed game (Asura) in September and it is now quite popular. A brief review of the game was on Kotaku recently. Niko’s October I-café Games Usage Data shows that Asura achieved #2 in terms of the number of game launches and #4 in terms of the total hours played on the 43,000+ active terminals with 300,000+ gamers in the 7-day tracking period that we conducted that month.


The game was built with specs that enable gameplay on most systems, and our data demonstrates how important that is because Asura was actually #2 overall in Tier 4, unseating the perennially popular Fantasy Westward Journey 2 there (another game with specs that work on the less-cutting edge PCs found throughout the country).


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