Niko Partners was asked by VentureBeat to comment on a Kotaku article regarding a statement by an executive at China’s Funshion online video company regarding the plans for Microsoft to launch Xbox One in China in 2014. The Kotaku post correctly identified Funshion as a division of BesTV, the Shanghai-based IPTV company that received much attention when Microsoft signed a JV with them to develop console technology. The ban on consoles was lifted in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone in September, and BesTV is in Shanghai. You can read the VentureBeat interview linked to this commentary, which says that we should wait and see what console is launched by the JV, and not jump to conclusions that it will be the same Xbox One that is sold internationally, even if it may be given the same name. Microsoft has not commented on the rumor, which is all the more reason for everyone to be patient.