China’s Dream Square, founded in 2009 by a young former executive of 9You, is a hot webgame and mobile game development firm in Shanghai. The company was chosen as one of the “2012 China’s Top 10 Emerging Game Companies” by the China Game Industry Annual Conference in January. The company licensed the rights to develop PAL Online for mainland China from SoftStar in Taiwan, and the game launched this week and is rumored to be performing very well. The PAL series (aka Chinese Paladin) is very popular, and in fact has been one of the only franchise titles to have had success in packaged sales as a single-player PC game in recent years. One reason is that the Chinese government historically approved sales of that game at the same time as it was launched officially in Taiwan so there was no lag time for the pirates to get illegal versions on the market, and another reason is that Chinese gamers are fascinated by the “Legend of Sword and Fairy” story line. Bringing this offline game to the webgame platform will likely be a big hit among gamers.