Oculus Rift Stops Dev Kit Sales in China

Oculus Rift demand is high in China, but the company is suspending sales of the DK2 dev kit while it sorts out the problem of “extreme reselling.” Savvy entrepreneurs have preordered so many DK2 kits that Oculus worries they are for resale on Taobao and other sites only, rather than to use for actual development of digital entertainment products to be used with the Rift. Global demand is currently higher than supply. Oculus says it will resume sales to China to get the dev kit into the hands of legit developers as soon as it can.

iDreamSky to IPO

iDreamSky, one of the leading publishers of foreign mobile games in the vast Chinese market, filed documents with the SEC to conduct its IPO on the NASDAQ with the hope of raising up to $115 million. The stock will trade under the symbol “DSKY.” There are several competitors for iDreamSky, including Yodo1, as more and more foreign mobile game developers aspire to launch their localized titles in China.

ChinaJoy 2014

The ChinaJoy organizing committee announced its plan for the huge games conference to take place at the end of July in Shanghai. Mr. Xiaoling Ding, Director of Technology and Digital Publishing in the Shanghai Press and Publications Bureau, says that the 2014 ChinaJoy will be the largest since first launching in 2004. They expect 500 companies from more than 30 countries to attend and/or exhibit, and they anticipate 250,000 attendees. Contact us if you would like an appointment with Niko at ChinaJoy.

Chinese Gamers Prefer Imports

From our friends at Games in Asia: Chinese PC gamers prefer foreign games to Chinese-developed ones. In a poll conducted by popular gaming site 17173 with more than 8,000 respondents, 84% said they preferred imported PC games while just 16% said they liked domestic games better.