Asiasoft Corporation is headquartered in Thailand and the stock is publicly traded there. Recent financial reports show that the regional online game operator, one of the few truly serving the entire SE Asian region, has seen a decline in revenue from PC online games.


The main reason is that the company’s portfolio of games is light on the genres of FPS and MoBA, the two hottest areas in online games everywhere it seems. Some companies remain firm that MMORPGs are the true money earners and they do not want to expand to other genres. We are not judging that opinion as right or wrong, but we are noting that revenues seem to be moving toward FPS and MoBA games and away from RPGs in SEA, based on Asiasoft’s financial reports.


The company also lost revenue in 2013 over 2012 because it had achieved very high sales of offline game Diablo III, but those sales subsided this year. With more hit titles anticipated to launch in Q4 2013 or early 2014, the company is still poised to recover and maintain standing as a leading regional online game operator. Note that Niko’s 2013 SEA Games Market Regional Report will be published later this month.