Local expertise, global perspective.

We’ve partnered with companies in the esports arena to enter markets, identify and evaluate targets for investment and acquisition, test products, and deepen engagement with gamers and fans.

Niko’s native speaking analysts in each of the local markets we cover collect and aggregate esports data and news on a daily basis, and conduct our primary data collection: fielding surveys, running focus group, talking to gamers, visiting events and venues, regularly meeting with game company executives and government officials, and participate in their local esports scenes.

The below solutions are just some of the ways we can help. Contact us to learn more.

Esports Market Reports

The industry’s most comprehensive reports on esports in China, Asia, and MENA – covering market size, revenue, growth drivers and trends, game genres, top game titles, teams, tournaments and events, non-team esports organizations, ecosystem and organization structures, communities, collegiate esports, women in esports, livestreaming, and mobile esports.

Esports Tracker

Track the esports industry in China, Asia-10 (Chinese Taipei, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam), and MENA-3 (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates) including teams, tournaments, sponsors, and more.

China Games & Streaming Tracker

Track streaming and viewing on China’s largest game streaming platforms.

China Games Market Database

The most comprehensive monthly view of China’s games licenses, financial transactions, games rankings and more.

Value-Added News Analysis – Esports

The esports news, analysis, and context you need on teams, tournaments, games, companies, M&A, regulations, and infrastructure. Niko’s Esports Value-Added News Analysis is a news and insights briefing sent directly to your inbox.
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Custom Research & Consulting

Need to answer a question or dig deeper on a specific topic? We leverage all of our data, insights, and capabilities to deliver custom solutions. We’ve helped clients enter markets, identify and evaluate targets for investment and acquisition, and deepen engagement with gamers and fans.

Peak Play: Find Out What’s Trending In East Asian Videogame Streaming – A Free Bulletin In Collaboration With Streams Chart

Niko Partners joined forces with Streams Charts to present you “Peak Play: Trends in East Asian Videogame Streaming H1 2023” – a free bulletin highlighting the unique ecosystem of each of the three mature livestreaming market in East Asia: China, Japan, and Korea.

Japanese Esports On The Rise: Five Teams To Watch – A Free Bulletin

This free bulletin provides key takeaways and high-level insights on the rise of esports in Japan and its latest developments. It specifically covers five professional esports teams—Crazy Raccoon, DetonatioN FocusMe, FENNEL, SCARZ and ZETA Division—with interviews and other notable information on their significance to Japan’s esports and livestreaming ecosystem.