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ChinaJoy 2015 Recap

Correction In mid-August Niko Partners issued a post entitled ChinaJoy 2015 Recap. It summarized some of our observations at ChinaJoy. The entity that organizes ChinaJoy is called Howell Expo. Recently a representative of Howell Expo contacted Niko to say that two of our observations were misleading and we therefore are issuing this correction. 1. We wrote: [...]

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Monster Hunt Breaks Records in China

Videogame Makers Battle Chinese Censors to Win Over Gamers China opened its market to game consoles several days ago by releasing the restriction on sales of consoles to those made within the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Now consoles may be manufactured and sold throughout the country, which eliminates a distribution and logistics hurdle that existed before, [...]

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NVIDIA has announced the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV device powered by Tegra X1 with the capability of a significant game console and entertainment device. This will be a forerunner in the competitive race to own the living room entertainment experience worldwide. The company has not yet announced plans for China, but the SHIELD will launch in [...]

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NetEase Opens North America Office

Niko on Check out Lisa Hanson's latest post, which was promoted on the Forbes Asia homepage. The article is The Chinese Internet Gets a Stronger Backbone. It has lots of interesting facts about the Internet infrastructure. NetEase Opens North America Office NetEase (NASDAQ: NTES) set up an office in North America, located in California, [...]

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Niko’s Predictions for China’s Digital Gaming Industry in 2015

2015 will be an exciting time for the multibillion-dollar digital games industry in China. We’re going to see a number of developments in the coming year, including changes in gamer preferences, company ownership patterns, and hardware availability. These trends will create opportunity for companies able to discern and anticipate the upcoming shifts. Because one thing is [...]

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Happy Holidays!

Season's Greetings! We have just ended our 12th year of providing high integrity market intelligence reports and services on the Chinese and Southeast Asian digital games markets to clients around the world, and we are grateful to you for being part of that success. In 2014 we are proud to have accomplished great things, including publishing [...]

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Xbox One Pricing in China

China Leading the Way for Mobile Games Distribution via Mobile Chat Apps Check out Lisa Hanson's latest article on In it she discusses the interesting opportunity for mobile games distribution via mobile chat apps, using the example of Tencent's WeChat as one that is leading the pack globally. Xbox One Pricing in China BesTV has [...]

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NIKO ANALYSIS: Publicly Traded Chinese PC Online Game Operators Take on Mobile Gaming

Originally posted on Several publicly traded Chinese PC online game companies have broken from their stance of focusing only on PC online games by recognizing the trend for the future is the mobile platform. These companies are now scrambling to reinvent themselves in order to catch the boat before newer mobile-only game companies get too [...]

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NIKO ANALYSIS: Why MMORPGs Continue To Be Big Money Makers In China

Originally posted on In my 12 years of analysis on the games industry in China as managing partner of Niko Partners it has become clear that Chinese gamers can be very passionate about PC online gaming. PC online games can be client-software based (require a client installation) or web-browser based (no client software installation). Web-browser [...]

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NIKO ANALYSIS: Can Blade and Soul win out against established leaders?

Tencent launched NCSoft’s Blade & Soul (MMORPG) November 28, 2013 in China. Last week, Tencent announced it reached 1.5 million PCU, which is lower than the 2.0 million that was speculated in December. Tencent has the Midas touch yet again: this is its 6th game with PCU greater than 1 million. Blade & Soul is without a [...]

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