Baparekraf Game Prime (BGP) 2021 is the biggest game exhibition in Indonesia. This annual event is a collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy/Tourism and Creative Economy Agency, the Indonesian Game Association (AGI) and GGWP.ID. This year, BGP 2021 will be held from August 2-8. 2021 marks the sixth year of the event, and it will continue the legacy of showcasing Indonesian games into the world. The event will be livestreamed on GGWP. ID Youtube Channel and AGI’s Youtube Channel. 

The events that can be seen in this year’s BGP include the Online Game Exhibition, Game Prime Show, Game Prime Award, Online Game Development Conference and Class, and a Free Fire esports tournament. The schedule is as follows: 

2 – 6 August : Road to Online Exhibition Game Prime. 

6 August  : Online Game Development Conference and Classes. 

7 August  : Esports tournament, Game Prime Show  

8 August  : Esports tournament dan Game Prime Awards 

This year, Niko’s Director of Southeast Asia Research, Darang S. Candra, will also join the event as a speaker in the online game development conference. He will share Niko’s insights in the Southeast Asian and Indonesian games market. 

Muhamad Neil El Himam, the Deputy for the Digital Economy and Creative Products of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy said, “Baparekraf Game Prime has always been a consistent forum and support for developers and players in the Indonesian game industry to continue to develop in making works that can be played not only in Indonesia, but also around the world. This annual event will be back in 2021 and it is hoped that it will continue to increase exposure for local games to be known more widely by the Indonesian people and abroad…The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy together with AGI has curated nearly 100 registered games, with 40 games have been selected from various game developers to be exhibited at this event.” 

The Indonesian Game Association is also spearheading the “Buy Local Games” campaign this year as a form of support for the works of local Indonesian game developers. Buy Local Games is a collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Indonesian Game Association, and well-known ecommerce platforms in Indonesia including Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, and JD.ID to introduce local games to Indonesian gamers. Through this program, it is hoped that Indonesian gamers can gain access and try local games. 

For further information about the event, you can visit BGP’s website and Instagram page.