The most comprehensive monthly view of the China games market including approved games, investment, M&A, esports, internet cafes, and the leading Chinese game operators.

Originally developed for our own internal use on both syndicated reports and custom analysis, Niko’s monthly database is the only single source for this information available on the China games market.

As more and more Niko clients have requested access to stay on top of the market, track competitors, or guide their strategy, we’re now making the entire database available via monthly subscription.


1-year subscription

What’s included:

Approved games
All approved games for PC, mobile and console platforms including rankings, approval date, release date, genre, developer, country, operator, testing phases and dates, and more. New games are added every month as they are approved.

Financial Transactions
M&A activity, investors and acquirers, investment round and deal values, ownership, financial reports by Chinese publicly traded companies, and more.

Esport tournaments
Esports tournaments, featured games, organizers, sponsors, prize money

Internet cafes
The top 50 I-cafe games and the number of monthly game sessions per game
Comprehensive financials on the largest publicly listed game operators
Quarterly and annual financials from 2013 to present, games segments, segment growth. Currently available for Tencent, NetEase, Wanmei, ChangYou and KongZhong

Other listed companies
Market cap from 2013 to present, core business, code, city, and more for the mid-sized listed companies

Macroeconomic data
Including GDP, population, broadband subscribers, smartphone users, Internet users and Internet user penetration rate for the whole of China

Updated monthly