What you can read in the resume between the lines

An experienced recruiter or hiring manager, after carefully analyzing your resume, can read what you didn't even mention in the text. The fact is that when you write a resume, you unconsciously reflect in it your idea of yourself as a worker and a person. Your conscious motive is to create a positive image in the eyes of a potential employer. Voluntarily or involuntarily, a resume sometimes reflects many of the candidate's individual characteristics and professional skills.


1. I have seen many resumes in Chinese in which the candidate confidently claims to be fluent in the language, but nevertheless makes one or more mistakes in the text or uses a term that has not been used in modern English for many years. These facts may indicate inattention and carelessness of the candidate in the preparation of documents, about insufficient knowledge of the language.

2. The candidate reports that he or she has developed skills and abilities with modern computer programs, but the text of the resume is formatted incorrectly, the font is of different sizes, there are handwritten inserts, crossings and corrections. These facts refute the information above.

"Red flags"

The experienced recruiter, when examining resumes, places invisible "red flags" - red flags for themselves. There are various reasons for "setting" these flags. Among them are the following:

  • Frequent job changes;
  • Short periods of time working in one place;
  • Illiterate Russian language;
  • Non-targeting of the advertised job, when several positions are listed simultaneously in the text of the resume, sometimes with completely opposite functions;
  • Overloaded resume with unnecessary details;
  • Long gaps in training or employment;
  • Carelessness and sloppiness in putting calendar dates;
  • Presence of a photograph;
  • Lack of professional skills and experience required for the position.

Analyzing these and other "red flags" allows the recruiter or hiring manager to read a lot of information about the candidate between the lines of resume text. In some cases, this information gives grounds to refuse not only to meet with the candidate, but even to make a preliminary phone call to clarify or confirm the data he or she has provided.

But if you turn to a resume fixer, such situations are unlikely to happen, as a resume correction specialist writes briefly, clearly, without "water", unnecessary preambles, and most importantly qualitatively.