The most common problems with the car: top

The most common problems with the car: top

It's no secret that a car needs care to keep it running. If a woman is a guitar in a man's hands, then his car, be it a truck, a pickup or a sports car, is akin to a violin. Thorough maintenance is simply necessary, but sometimes even with that comes various car problems that cannot be predicted. 

First and foremost, the "CheckEngine" warning sign is one of the most common problems for truck and car drivers. The signal flashes when the electric engine control unit finds errors in the hardware: a broken sensor, for example. Only electronic diagnostics will help you determine the true cause of the annoying reminder: note that there are more than two hundred reasons why the signal may be lit.

The second problem is the problem with the fuel stroke. It can occur when feeding, causing the fuel to burst or even burn. The engine functions best when oxygen and fuel are mixed mutually and burned completely, without residue, in the combustion chamber. For this to work effectively, all mechanisms of the system must work extra smoothly. The fuel system must be checked regularly, ignition is one of the key problems when driving a car. A large number of ignition skips should not be tolerated.

A third frequent problem for the motorist is exorbitant gasoline consumption. The fact is that the engine needs a certain combustion rate when running efficiently. Nevertheless, some parts of the system, such as filters, air flow sensor, oxygen sensor and others fall into disrepair over time. This is what often causes the car to fail: consuming many times more fuel than it needs.
An uncharged battery is another common reason for a car to become unusable. Recall that the average life of the "battery" in a car - up to five years, this is about a hundred thousand kilometers. Over time, the battery wears out: and charge/discharge cycles occur at a moment's notice, which, of course, will deprive you of a comfortable ride. What's more, a broken alternator can also "push" on this sore spot.

Finally, the most ridiculous reason when an auto goes bad is a faulty starter. This is the device responsible for starting the engine. Imagine the situation: all the components in a complex mechanism like an airplane work, but there is no power button. As a rule, the starter is broken because of a defective solenoid. The relay can also get damaged.
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