World In Conflict Tips - Main Missions # 001

Comrades! Here, they came those glorious times! Our homeland is filled only with good games that are works of labor leaders, the real heroes of our beautiful country! One of these, undoubtedly, World In Conflict. Everyone who wants to look like a real citizen should be played into this production!

It is clear that not every person was created to manage the virtual army, so we decided in our generosity to create a guide that would allow everyone to get acquainted with the secrets of the game and facilitate the fight against the enemies of the nation!

This document, in contrast to the dirty capitalist papers, is clear and accurate, and not a bureaucratic taraboarer, which makes it difficult to understand the content itself!

Especially for you, comrades, prepared the passage of all missions, as well as a list of units with presented advantages and disadvantages. The mass of the Soviets will help to figure out the situation on the battlefield, thanks to which each of you can safely behave homeland to victory!

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General Council

Driving armored vehicles and tanks, try to arrange your technique before the enemy, because the frontal armor is the most difficult. This also applies to the enemy's technique, so try to surround it and attack from behind or on the side;

Anti-tank infantry is one of the best anti-tank parts, but it is rather weak against infantry, armed with automatic machines. For this reason, he should always have some kind of coverage. It does not even have to be another unit - the walls of the building or forest are also suitable;

If you suspect that enemy infantry is hiding in the forest, Napalm is a good idea - it is quite suited and great for the fight against people hidden among trees;

Learn to aim from tactical weapons, taking into account the movement of the enemy's technique. It will save you from many hassle;

Tactical weapons has three levels of development. Each subsequent is more effective than the previous one (for example, the ability to attack a large area with artillery), but at the same time entails higher points of points;

Rockets, such as TOW, Shillelagh and Hesh, have such a feature that they cannot hit the enemy machine if it moves;

Remember that although heavy artillery can shoot almost any point of the card, it is impossible to attack the enemy at a distance of 15 meters;

Familiarize yourself with the offensive and protective abilities of units - they allow you to conduct a more efficient battle.