Electronic Tools for Automotive Diagnostic

Since 1980-s, most cars are equipped with complex electronic on-board control and diagnostic system. This system is controlled by the central electronic control unit (ECU), which gathers data from different sensors and then issues commands and/or generates error messages for the car user.

Sadly, only a small fraction of collected data is displayed on the dashboard of the car, so special tools have to be used to get more information on the state of the car. Reliable tools for diagnostics of modern cars are offered by ECU Tools online store. You can visit ECU Tools store at https://ecutools.eu/diagnosis/.

Electronic Car Diagnostic Tools

Currently, two types of solutions are most widely used for the diagnostic of modern vehicles:

  • Adapters – these tools are not self-sufficient, as they only provide an interface between the inner electronic network of the car and a laptop, a smartphone or a PC. Adapters are provided with drivers to ensure the compatibility between data transfer protocols. As different cars are using different interfaces, it is advisable to ensure that the selected adapter supports ports and protocols of your car. If you are running a small or medium repair workshop, it is better either to buy universal adapters or to have as many different brand-specific adapters as possible.
  • Scanners – these solutions ensure running diagnostic tests on the car without the need for any additional software.

In turn, two types of scanners are present on the market:

  • Stand-alone scanners, which are most commonly shaped as a tablet and are equipped with necessary connectors. These scanners have pre-installed diagnostic software and require no third party solutions, so they can be used “out of the box”.
  • Complex scanners, which are essentially a set of an adapter and compatible diagnostic software, meant to be installed at users' PC or smartphone. These scanners usually have more features than stand-alone models, their software is updated more often, but they require the usage of a third party device as a host for diagnostic software.

Popular Scanners and Adapters

These car diagnostic devices are the most popular in 2021:

  • AutoScanner Opel CAN – brand-specific complex scanner for Opel vehicles which provides full scanning of all on-board electronic systems.
  • ScanDoc Compact – universal complex scanner which can be used for error management, running performance and health tests, electronic modules identification, actuators running and stopping and immobilizer reprogramming. This solution supports most common ECU models.
  • Mongoose Pro brand-specific adapters – these adapters are developed for use with special brands of cars, so they have less compatibility issues than universal models.
  • G-Scan 2 Full – stand-alone universal scanner with many useful features, including built-in digital oscilloscope.