What you’ll learn from this report:

Niko Partners took a close look at the impact on gaming during the time of the COVID-19 quarantine during Q1 2020 in China. The terrible outbreak of COVID-19 had a significant impact on the lives of Chinese citizens with more than 84,000 cases and 4,500 deaths in the country. Wuhan was the epicentre of it all, and was under quarantine for 77 days, with only some easing of restrictions after that. Most of China was under quarantine for 2 months.

The Lunar New Year holiday falls in Q1, a time when gaming usage is typically higher than average during a year, but 2020 took that boost to a whole new level. Niko Partners estimates that revenue for games on all platforms was roughly 30% higher in Q1 2020 than Q1 2019.

Not everything is rosy for the video games market however, and this article explains the positive and negative impact by game sector, the results of our April 2020 online survey of 1,057 Chinese gamers on the topic of the impact of COVID-19 on gaming, and offers a personal perspective of Niko’s Vice President, who was quarantined in Wuhan.



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