Lisa Cosmas Hanson

Lisa is the Managing Partner and Founder of Niko Partners. Her responsibility includes client relations, research & analysis, business development, operations, and partnerships. Lisa founded Niko Partners in 2002 and has since honed her expertise on the Chinese and Southeast Asian online games industries that has benefitted Niko’s clients, companies that are global leaders in game publishing, game services, hardware, and investments. She is based in the US but travels to China regularly.

Xiaofeng Zeng

Xiaofeng is Niko’s Senior Analyst based in Shanghai. He has more than 10 years of research and analysis experience, expertise in data modeling and data collection, and is bilingual in Mandarin and English. Xiaofeng has managed Niko’s focus groups, database of 1.5 million Chinese consumers, and research collection process for several years. He is the chief liaison with Niko’s China-based technology partners and the primary local contact for our clients based in China.

Daniel Ahmad

Daniel Ahmad is an analyst at Niko Partners. He is currently responsible for creating the Value Added News Service (VANA) contributing to the Niko Partners research projects, and writing blog posts and articles for a vast following of readers under the username @ZhugeEX where he tweets about the state of the games industry, as well as for @nikochina. Daniel is often quoted in major news and gaming publications such as Business Insider, VentureBeat, PC Gamer, IGN & Gamespot. Prior to joining Niko Partners, Daniel had several years experience working in the mobile industry.

Michele Maguire

Michele is responsible for business development and corporate strategy for Niko Partners. She is a global business development executive and former Director of GDC, and Game Advertising Online. Michele has 10+ years experience in M+A and international business development. “Niko Partners was my subject matter expert when I needed to understand the game industry in China and remains the most respected source of expert data and advice for companies going to China, and Southeast Asia.”

Megan Carriker

Megan Carriker is a Manager for Niko Partners and she has worked with the company for over four years. Her responsibilities include assisting with data analysis, conducting research, writing reports, managing projects and coordinating marketing efforts for the firm. Megan is an avid follower of the video game industry as a whole and holds undergraduate degrees in both mass communications and Asian studies. She is based in the US and spent half a year living in China and Southeast Asia and has basic proficiency in Chinese.