What you’ll learn from this report:

As the largest games market in Greater Southeast Asia, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) is a market in its own right and very distinct from mainland China and the rest of Southeast Asia in terms of gamer behavior, local game development, and types of games in demand. The market continues to grow across both PC online and mobile games, and esports is heating up with significant investment entering the space. With a clearer regulatory landscape than mainland China, the Taiwan market represents a lucrative opportunity for international competitors but it requires a different approach and understanding.



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What’s included:

  • A comprehensive market model and 5-year forecast through 2021 by games segment
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis on gamer demand, behavior, and usage for PC online and mobile games
  • Growth drivers and trends analysis
  • Top games, publishers, and gaming hardware
  • Gamer demographics, behavior, and spending
  • 59 slides with more than 35 data exhibits

Key takeaways from the analysis:

  • Despite a population ranking 55th in the world, Taiwan is the 15th largest PC + Mobile games market worldwide, generating over $1.26 billion USD in 2016.
  • Taiwanese consumers’ enthusiasm for games and local investment into technology and infrastructure all point to a growth market for digital games and entertainment.
  • Taiwan’s PC + Mobile games market is projected to grow to $2.8 billion by 2021.
  • Mobile games have become the largest segment, currently accounting for 53% of this revenue, and projected to rise to 60% with more than half of Taiwan’s population playing mobile games by 2021.
  • 65% of gamers in Taiwan feel esports is the country’s most important competitive sport. 75% of gamers watch live streams, and more than half want to compete. Global games giants have taken notice and are making significant investment.
  • League of Legends continues to dominate as the most played PC game in Taiwan.
  • Chinese games publishers are successful in Taiwan especially in mobile where they dominate the top ten games for both iOS and Android, however with fewer regulations than mainland China, the Taiwan market represents a lucrative opportunity for international competitors.