We’ve built our business on the belief that demand-based market
is more important for a company to understand than supply-based market sizing.

Niko is the best single source for the highest quality and most reliable market intelligence covering all segments of the video games market in Asia. Our 5-year forecasts have a strong record of accurate projections.

Our game industry experience, and our specific expertise in Asia, sets us apart from other market research firms: enabling smarter inquiry, more insightful analysis, and more efficient results.

We have on the ground experience and native speaking analysts in the countries we cover who talk to gamers, attend events, visit icafes, understand regulations, and meet with game company executives and government officials to provide you with the critical knowledge required to make strategic decisions and accelerate your path to profitability.

Custom Research

Focus Groups
Gamer Studies
Ethnographic Studies
Market Intelligence Reports
Cost Analysis
Local Gamer Analysis
Segmentation Analysis

Market Entry Strategy
Competitive Landscape Analysis
IPO and Market Opportunity Analysis
Due Diligence Research
Market Sizing and Valuation
Partner Selection
Transaction Advisory Services

Emerging Market Research and Strategy
Expert Witness Testimony
Introductions, Contacts, and Meetings
Regulatory Analysis
Company and Conference Presentations
White Papers

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