Perfect World’s Big Week

Perfect World is in the news this week because the company is diversifying from exclusively PC online games not only into mobile games (under way) but also into console games. The company plans to launch 10-20 mobile games per year, and 2-3 console games (for Xbox One) – all in China. Three of Perfect World’s studios are working on Xbox One games. Plus, the company signed a strategic framework agreement with the Chongqing municipal government to invest RMB 1 billion into mobile Internet products and services (emphasizing mobile gaming) in Chongqing. Perfect World will partner with Qihoo 360 to build the mobile game and operation platform for Chongqing.

WeChat Crushing Text Messages

WeChat and other mobile Internet chap apps have put pressure on text messages in China. The Ministry of Industry and Info Tech (MIIT) stated that Chinese send an average of 39.8 text messages per month now, down substantially from past years despite an increase in mobile phone usage. The messages have shifted from text messages via the carrier network, to chat apps via the mobile Internet. The demand for chat apps such as WeChat has accelerated in recent months.

Baidu’s Presence in Gaming

Baidu is going after the smart TV gaming market with the Baidu TV Gaming Platform, per an article in Sina Tech. The project is geared to attempt to solve the problem of smart TV game controller compatibility issues in China.