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Livestreaming is a cornerstone of the games industry in Asia where it is a leading avenue for game marketing and discovery, community building, and esports. Niko Partners joined forces with Streams Charts to present you “Peak Play: Trends in East Asian Videogame Streaming H1 2023” – a free bulletin highlighting the unique ecosystem of each of the three mature livestreaming market in East Asia. Leveraging the streaming data of 13 platforms with further context and analysis by Niko Partners and Streams Charts, this bulletin allows you to understand the latest trends on popular livestreaming platforms (both international and regional), as well as top game titles and influencers in China, Japan, and Korea.

This bulletin is a must-read for companies and brands looking to diversify their marketing strategy by tapping into the thriving esports and livestreaming scene in East Asia.

Key Takeaways:

  • Competitive gaming remains a strong motivator for Asian viewers. Over half of the top streamed games are esports titles. MOBAs, FPS, and Battle Royale are the leading esports genres. League of Legends is the only title to appear on all three top-10 lists, demonstrating ongoing relevance to gamers in Asia.
  • Key opinion leaders (KOL) shape trends. In all three markets, the leading channels for top games regularly account for between 2-15% of all viewership for that title. This means top KOLs have the power to lead the way in each market.
  • Only three titles released in 2023 have managed to break into the H1 top 10 rankings: Diablo 4 in Korea, Honkai Star Rail in China, and Street Fighter VI in Japan. Viewership trends take time to change, but blockbuster releases still make waves.
  • VALORANT is a leading title in Japan and Korea. The title has just been officially released in China at the start of H2 2023, where it is quickly rising in the rankings.



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