NVIDIA has announced the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV device powered by Tegra X1 with the capability of a significant game console and entertainment device. Lisa Hanson is in China this week collecting data on the TV-based and console gaming market here, for an upcoming report on that topic. The timing of the NVIDIA SHIELD announcement dovetails well with new information from China such as the ever-growing popularity of TV-based Android set top box consoles, and the uncertain future for true consoles such as Xbox One and PS4 despite their legal launch into the market.

Xbox One Price Reduced in China

Xbox One in China will reduce its price to RMB 2,999, carrying with two free games – Powerstar Golf and Neverwinter Online, starting on May 21. Xbox One with Kinect will also reduce its price to RMB 3,799, with the two games mentioned before for free as well as a free Dance Central Spotlight. These two versions of Xbox One were sold for RMB 3,699 and RMB 4,299 respectively. Put into comparison, the original price for PS4 in China is RMB 2,899.


LINE has renewed its IPO paperwork in Japan for the Tokyo Stock Exchange that had expired after the company did not go through with an IPO based on the paperwork filed in 2014. If the company decides to go IPO the documents say it will be managed by Morgan Stanley and Nomura Holdings, financing about $8.3 billion. However, the company has not stated its intent to go forward with the IPO. In its Q1 2015 financial report LINE disclosed the company made $210 million in the quarter, up 76% YoY. Previously LINE announced that the company’s next goal is to become the number 1 entertainment platform in the world. LINE covers payments, car rental, music streaming, news, e-commerce and games. It is a strong competitor for mobile games distribution in the Asia region, including in Southeast Asia.