E3 2017

E3 felt different this year (in a good way) – more like it was years ago when it was an important destination for the games industry. It was exciting, absolutely crowded, and several of the booths were very impressive with a big focus on esports and some on VR.

In the past few years the focus on console gaming had made E3 essentially irrelevant for most Asian games PC online companies (and analysts). This year we had hoped to see more exhibitors from Asian PC and mobile companies, but that fell short (of course, Japanese giants Sony and Nintendo were well represented, but theirs were console and portable games and hardware, not PC and mobile games). The exhibitor list included Tencent and Perfect World yet we did not come across their booths, and the China Press & Publication booth was literally empty – one desk, one small sign on a black drape behind it, and no one in it.

The inclusion of the general public for the first year made it feel more like ChinaJoy though, as the public is also able to participate in ChinaJoy every July in Shanghai.

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E3’s First Annual Research Day

Thank you to the Open Gaming Alliance for including Lisa Hanson as a speaker at their first annual research day at E3, held at The Palm on Monday.

The Open Gaming Alliance (OGA) is a non-profit trade association focused on the business of the games industry. From supporting the indie community, to assisting with market opportunities and promoting platform innovation, the OGA and its member companies are focused on growth, leadership, and the business of the games industry.

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Pokemon Go Preps for Multiplayer

On the eve of Pokemon Go’s first birthday, the developer has suggested that cooperative multiplayer features will be available after the Solstice event closes. The game itself has been downloaded over 750 million times (and the first 500 million downloads occurred within its first two months on the market). It quickly became a pop culture hit as well as a notable presence on Southeast Asia app store ranking lists.

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China Mobile Game Trends

Niko Partners is happy to announce collaboration with Sensor Tower to analyze their detailed data analytics about mobile game apps in the country markets we cover. As part of this, we will publish a monthly column on the trends we see in their data each month, looking at a different country each month.

We just published our May column in Pocket Gamer, and it was based on April data for China – the most important market in the world for mobile games. In addition to Tencent’s continued market dominance with several titles in the Top Ten rankings based on iOS downloads and revenue, other trends are compelling as well so check out the column here.

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Niko’s Latest Analysis on China’s Mobile Games Market

The China Mobile Games Market Topic Report, the second of 5 companion reports to Niko’s 2017 China Digital Games Market Data Report, is now available. This report can be used by itself, but is intended to be paired with the Market Data Report, in which we published the market size and forecast for PC online, mobile and TV-based games.

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