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Streams Charts and Niko Partners are pleased to announce the release of a jointly produced 23-page bulletin called Peak Play: Trends in the East Asian Videogame Streaming in H1 2023.

We are thrilled to collaborate with Niko Partners in the dynamic realm of live-streaming market analysis in East Asia. This collaboration represents a natural progression for Streams Charts as we continue to expand our horizons and deliver unparalleled insights to our clients. By joining forces with Niko Partners, a recognized leader in the field, we are harnessing the collective power of our expertise to unlock new dimensions of understanding within this vibrant industry. This synergy between our two companies will undoubtedly lead to the creation of exceptional bulletin, providing invaluable insights for businesses and stakeholders across the East Asian live-streaming landscape.”

– Sergii Rudenko, Head of Sales and Partnership at Streams Charts

The bulletin covers the leading trends characteristic of the regional East Asia market, including changes in the popularity of game titles and the influence of key opinion leaders (KOLs)on the formation of these trends. In addition, we separately review trends in the largest countries in the region, namely South Korea, Japan & China.

The powerful data on titles and KOLs from Niko Partners and Streams Charts will embolden publishers, developers, brands, esports organizations, and more to take a look at the sheer scale of live-streaming in Asia. We cover the space every day yet continue to be amazed by the strength of live streaming for gaming and esports in Asia.”

– Lisa Hanson, CEO of Niko Partners

The analysis is supported by detailed statistics about the popularity of certain games on all the largest platforms in the region, as well as lists of the most influential opinion leaders in each country. We reference global platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Chinese local leaders Huya, DouYu, and Bilibili.

Please find the free bulletin via this link.

About Niko Partners

Niko Partners is the world’s leading market research firm covering video games and esports in Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Leveraging unmatched local expertise with a global perspective, Niko Partners delivers the most in-depth market intelligence on the world’s fastest-growing regions. With our deeper understanding of these markets, game developers, publishers, investors, and suppliers can make smarter business decisions with the utmost confidence. Our detailed reports, subscription insights, and custom consulting services dig into the details of nuanced, complex markets, empowering firms with a stake in the video game and esports ecosystems to make the right moves for their organizations. Coverage areas include East Asia (Japan, S. Korea, Chinese Taipei), China, Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam), India, and MENA (Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt in North Africa). The company is based in Silicon Valley, with offices in Shanghai, Bangkok, Jakarta, and London. Learn more at

About Streams Charts

Streams Charts enables the analysis of all key metrics for channels, streams, games, communities, and even clips. Streams Charts collects data from the most popular broadcasting platforms, providing insight into detailed and relevant streaming analytics.

Unique data and functions provided by Streams Charts, such as audience retention rate, custom time filters, and personal lists, make it easy to identify market opportunities based on activity, reach, and audience demographics. Today Streams Charts supports active platforms: Twitch, Trovo, YouTube, Kick, NimoTV, BIGO LIVE, Mildom, Rumble, Nonolive, and AfreecaTV.

As the streaming market develops and changes, Streams Charts’ data will assist you in staying informed and prepared for complex decisions.