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Mobile esports will drive mass market participation and engagement

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Aug 27, 2019 – Niko Partners, the leading market research and consulting firm covering the Asia digital games market, today announced their prediction that mobile esports will become the fastest growth sector in the esports industry and that a mobile esports boom is poised to propel mobile esports from a niche industry to the mass market. The prediction and analysis can be found in Niko’s newest report, published today, called The Evolution of Mobile Esports. It explores the evolution of mobile esports, compared to PC esports, globally, with a focus on Asian markets because Asia is the heart of global esports usage and operations.

The 45 page report with 21 data exhibits is available for free download at

“Mobile esports tournaments will engage consumers not only as spectators but as participants. This will create mass market participation and engagement, growing a far larger audience for esports and generating new opportunities for revenue,” said Lisa Hanson founder and managing partner of Niko Partners. “We will see esports transition from fewer large tournaments to the addition of large numbers of smaller tournaments that are open to everyone who wants to compete.”

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • Mobile esports will precipitate a shift from a limited number of high-profile, spectator-focused esports productions toward a much larger number of open tournaments carried out regionally and locally.
  • In 2018, mobile esports games generated $15.3 billion (25% of total mobile game revenue) with $5.6 billion from China alone, and another $450 million from Greater Southeast Asia. PC esports titles earned $16.1 billion in revenue globally, with about 40% of the earnings coming from China. 
  • There are already more gamers on the mobile platform than on PC & console combined. There are around 2.53 billion mobile gamers in the world in 2019, compared to the estimated 1 billion PC gamers and 500 million console gamers.
  • Mobile games have lower barriers to entry and higher install rates in comparison to PC and console games. This allows for better economics and higher dollar-to-player value in producing tournaments.

Niko Partners is the leader in Asian Games Market Intelligence, specializing in the Chinese and Greater Southeast Asian game markets. Founded in 2002, the firm conducts syndicated and custom research studies on Chinese gamers, Greater Southeast Asian gamers, online games, mobile games, consoles, Smart TV gaming, regulatory issues, piracy, development, online operators, distribution, and retail. Niko Partners also offers consulting services including focus groups, partnership selection, market opportunity analysis, custom surveys in cities throughout China and the Asia Pacific region and customized data analysis. The goal of the research and strategic advisory services is to help understand the market, strategically enter or expand market share, and continue to profitably grow within China and throughout Asia’s impressive markets. The company is based in Silicon Valley, with offices in Shanghai, Bangkok, Jakarta and London, and its clients include worldwide leaders in game software, hardware, and services, as well as hedge funds, media companies, trade associations, and management consulting firms, all of whom have a vested interest in a thorough understanding of the games industry in Asia.