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87% of gamers in the two regions spend money for in-game purchases

SILICON VALLEY, Calif. – December 13, 2023 – Niko Partners, the world’s leading market research firm covering video games and esports in Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, today announced the results of its latest findings on the video game monetization models in Asia & MENA. The research sheds light on five major monetization models: Premium Games, Subscriptions, In-Game Purchases, In-Game Advertising and Real Money Gaming.

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • In-game purchases (IAP) account for 87.8% of player spending in Asia & MENA, making it the most important monetization model.
  • Price is the largest barrier for non-spending gamers in Asia & MENA, with 39.3% of non-spending mobile gamers and 44.3% of non-spending PC gamers citing it as the #1 factor for why they do not spend on video games.
  • 62.3% of gamers in Asia & MENA have purchased a premium game in the past 12 months on any platform.
  • According to our 2023 survey, 30% of paying gamers in Asia & MENA have purchased a monthly subscription to access a video game. This increases to 51% when including all types of gaming subscriptions including value added services such as Twitch prime.
  • 30% of mobile gamers in Asia & MENA cite in-game advertising (IGA) as their most disliked aspect of the games they play.
  • Real Money Gaming (RMG) is most popular in India where 7 in 10 gamers have played an RMG title.

“Innovative monetization is important to engage gamers and ensure the long-term success of games. Just like with localization and culturalization of games for any given market, a game’s success may depend on examining the local monetization models that lend the most impact for revenue.” said Lisa Hanson, CEO and President of Niko Partners. “Developers should understand more about their audience and existing regulations related to monetization.”

The report has 45+ slides with related exhibits and comprehensive analysis. Niko Partners collects primary and secondary data to build our models, including our proprietary gamer surveys, industry interviews, company financial reports, government and official statistics, and macroeconomic data.​ Contact us for more information on our methodology for our ongoing market intelligence services and reports.

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