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China’s Online Games Market hit $15.3 Billion in 2015

Silicon Valley, Calif. – May 3, 2016 – Niko Partners, the leader in Asian Games Market Intelligence, today announced analysis from the firm’s 2016 China’s PC Online Games Market Report. The report includes detailed data and analysis on the online games market size and forecast, ranked lists of game titles, gamer behavioral data, analysis of eSports, gaming hardware, Virtual Reality trends, online games licenses, and more regarding the Chinese online games market from 2015-2020e.

Key takeaways from the report published May 2nd include:
• The Chinese online games market will increase by $5 billion in the next 5 years as revenue is forecast to reach $20.4 billion by 2020, up from $15.3 billion in 2015.
• Much of the revenue growth is attributed to higher demand for Massively Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games such as League of Legends and First Person Shooters (FPS) such as CrossFire, particularly as the popularity of competitive gaming and eSports comprised of such games soars to new heights.
• Virtual Reality games and hardware are expected to drive growth, but not until 2017 or 2018. • Tencent continues to be the dominant online games company in China, with 32% of the revenue of the total domestic online games market in 2015 due to its strong line-up of PC client-based game titles.
• In 2015 there were 146,000 Internet cafés with 20 million users per day – both figures are increasing annually, and both team-based gaming and eSports are driving growth.

“We are witnessing a resurgence in the use of Internet cafés in China because of demand for a social setting to play team-based games such as League of Legends and the desire to watch professional live or televised eSports tournaments alongside other gamers,” said Lisa Cosmas Hanson, Managing Partner and founder of Niko Partners. “I-cafés may also become the home to expensive Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality hardware and games, typically out of budget for most Chinese gamers but potentially a fun indulgence in an I-café setting in the future.”

Niko’s 2016 China’s PC Online Games Market Report has 99 Slides with 65 data exhibits plus key infographics, and is available now for $8,500 at the Niko Research Store, and it has been delivered to our annual subscription clients already. In June we will publish 2016 China’s Console & TV-based Gaming Market Report, followed by the 2016 China’s Mobile Games Market Report in August. Niko Partners also publishes research on the Southeast Asian Games Market, a free weekly news digest and analysis called Niko News, and frequently posts blog updates on

Niko Partners is the leader in Asian Games Market Intelligence™, specializing in the Chinese and Southeast Asian game markets. Founded in 2002 and in its 14th year of detailed analysis on the Chinese market, the firm conducts syndicated and custom research studies on Chinese gamers, Southeast Asian gamers, online games, offline games, consoles, handhelds, regulatory issues, piracy, development, online operators, distribution, and retail. Niko Partners also offers consulting services including focus groups, partnership selection, market opportunity analysis, custom surveys in cities throughout China and the Asia-Pacific region and customized data analysis. The goal of the research and strategic advisory services is to help understand the market, strategically enter or expand market share, and continue to profitably grow within China and Southeast Asia’s impressive markets. The company is based in Silicon Valley and Shanghai, and its clients include worldwide leaders in game software, hardware, and services, as well as hedge funds, media companies, trade associations, and management consulting firms, all of whom have a vested interest in a thorough understanding of the games industry in Southeast Asian and China.

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