What you’ll learn from this white paper:

Platform as a Service (PaaS) for Mobile Cloud Gaming has the potential to dramatically impact the mobile and F2P games market.

In writing our recent Cloud Gaming in Asia report we became aware of the growing importance of the B2B aspect of cloud gaming. Mobile cloud PaaS does not depend on widespread consumer adoption to achieve viability. It’s here now, easily integrated by gaming companies, and is already changing the games business.

Developers and publishers are using mobile cloud PaaS to streamline user acquisition and reduce associated costs, to circumvent app stores, and to explore new social, cultural, and creative possibilities.

This white paper explains what PaaS for mobile cloud is, how it’s being deployed, and the areas of mobile gaming which will be affected by this shift.

  • A New Market: B2B Service Platform for Mobile Cloud Gaming
  • The Emerging Opportunity of Mobile Cloud
  • Defining Mobile Cloud Gaming & PaaS
  • China’s Cloud Market is Cutting Edge
  • China’s Cloud Market is Diversifying
  • The Cloud Gaming Ecosystem
  • Notable B2C and Telecom Cloud Gaming Platforms in China
  • Mobile-First Cloud Gaming is Here, and Only Getting Bigger
  • Understanding the Hurdles of China’s Cloud Market
  • B2B Cloud Solutions Open the Playing field
  • Defining Mobile Cloud and PaaS Cloud Market Position
  • Mobile Cloud and PaaS Cloud: Expanding
  • Mobile Cloud and PaaS Cloud: Generating New Opportunity
  • How Mobile Cloud and PaaS Changes the Cloud Ecosystem
  • Technology Making Mobile Cloud Platforms Increasingly Viable
  • Mobile-First Cloud Gaming: Built to Improve the Value Chain
  • Leading B2B Cloud Gaming Providers: An Opportunity for Growth
  • Mobile Cloud Case Study: Genshin Impact
  • The Future of Mobile Cloud Gaming is Transformation
  • About Niko


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