What you’ll learn from these reports:

Japan and South Korea are two video game powerhouses in Asia, generating an estimate of $27.7 billion in player spending from 94.4 million gamers in 2022. It is evident that the two markets play a significant role in the games industry with Japan and South Korea being the 3rd and 4th largest video game markets in the world by revenue, respectively. It is imperative for companies to understand how the governments and regulators in the respective markets view and regulate video games and esports so they can ensure compliance and build success in the market.

The Japan and Korea regulations reports provide in-depth analysis of the current video game and esports regulatory landscapes in both markets, including both formal and informal regulations. The reports offer insights from high-level interviewees, providing a comprehensive understanding of the gaming industry’s legal aspects, including but not limited to in-game monetization, game publishing, and consumer protection measures.

Additionally, the reports detail recent developments of regulatory measures related to gaming companies and gamers such as changes within game rating authorities, risks around the gacha monetization model, the abolition of Korea’s Shutdown System and how Apple and Google may be impacted by anti-monopoly laws.

You need to read these if you are a stakeholder who navigates the distinctive and complex laws related to the gaming industry in Japan and Korea, assist companies with market entry, business operations, game publishing, legal review, and more.

What’s included in each report:

  • Regulatory landscape for video games
  • Game publishing
  • Game rating
  • Game monetization
  • Take rates
  • Consumer-related gaming regulations
  • Esports regulation
  • Regulations on future game technology
  • 37 pages for the Japan report 
  • 29 pages for the Korea report


Japan Regulations Report


Korea Regulations Report


Japan Regulations Report &
Korea Regulations Report