What you’ll learn from this report:

China imports more games from Japan than from any other country. The market for consoles and partnerships between Chinese publishers and Japanese developers has opened up and thus increased the importance of the relationship.

Japan’s domestic games market has become more prominent in the world as it has evolved from a console society to a mobile society, and now is embarking on esports. Meanwhile, China has opened the market for consoles that was closed for 14 years, and has also embraced mobile games. Partnerships between Chinese publishers and Japanese developers, led by Nintendo and Sony, and development efforts by China’s NetEase and others truly learning in Japan about anime and popular art styles, have increased the importance of the bilateral relationship.

This report shows the type of games being successfully licensed in China from Japan, as well as how Chinese games and game development creativity has succeeded in, and learned from, Japan’s market.





Japanese Language Version

What’s included:

  • Approved games lists
  • Top Japan games and genres in China
  • Top China games and genres in Japan
  • Mobile, PC, and console games
  • The impact of esports and streaming
  • The impact of trends including anime, gacha, ACG, and more
  • How Japanese developers and platforms are succeeding in China
  • How Chinese developers are succeeding in Japan
  • Japan, US, and South Korea approved games in China