MIIT’s Goals for China

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced three major goals that need to be achieved by the end of 2017: 1. All households in cities should have access to 100M internet provided by optical fiber, and all cities and countryside should be covered by 4G internet; 2. The average broadband access rate in municipalities and provincial cities should reach 30Mbps, 20Mbps for other cities; 3. The average cost for mobile phone data plan and fixed broadband should drop dramatically.

Impact of eSports on China & SE Asia

Gamesindustry.biz wrote about an EEDAR report that emphasizes the impact of eSports on growth for the PC online games industry as well as hardware to participate and to view eSports. This phenomenon is true in China and SE Asia as well – eSports is a major growth driver and becoming an important component of entertainment within this digital entertainment ecosystem.

Singapore is Losing eSports Talent

Singapore is the center of SE Asia’s telecom infrastructure and the hub of all digital transmissions in the region. The country has the highest average spending on gaming in the region too, as well as plenty of broadband connectivity, smartphone penetration, and regulations to make sure everything goes well with digital gaming. However, in a year when eSports has taken center stage as a growth driver for the PC online games industry, Singapore is sitting back and observing. The country (or companies within it) has not hosted tournaments of its own right now and teams often leave to relocate in other countries where they will get more support.

100k WoW Players Banned for Bots

We wonder how many of Blizzard’s 100,000 WoW players who were banned for using bots are located in China.