eSports on the Rise

Asian gamers love their competitive gaming tournaments, and the eSports industry is growing worldwide. According to IHS Technology, around 2.4 billion hours of eSports videos were watched last year alone (nearly double the amount watched in 2012). eSports are increasing popular in China and Southeast Asia, especially for games like DOTA and LOL.

Genesis of the Empire

Genesis Of The Empire, a very popular webgame made by Giant Interactive Group, has become the #3 best selling game in Korea, following LOL and Diablo III. The game’s daily revenue broke the record of RMB 2 million. A new game called Nv Shen Tian Xia, which is made by the same development team, will launch in Q3.

iCafe8 Takes Stake in Dazzle Interactive

Marbridge Daily highlighted an article in the National Business Daily news service that says iCafe8 will acquire 22% of Dazzle Interactive for 220 million RMB. Dazzle is the sole online game developer, operator, and publishing platform of China Telecom. It operates platforms called Chinagames and e-Game, both with large user bases.

Fascinating Facts About China

China goes through 80 billion pairs of disposable wooden chopsticks a year, and 15 other fun facts about China that you may enjoy.