niko ahmed

Niko Partners recently had the opportunity to provide academic research assistance to Ahmed Agung Faisal, an ambitious young student in the Social and Politics Faculty studying International Relations at Jember University (UNEJ, Universitas Jember) in Jember Town, East Java Indonesia.

His “skripsi” (final thesis) is entitled China Government Policy in the Gaming Industry. In doing his final research prior to graduation he was having difficulty finding data and he contacted Niko to see if we could provide or help locate some of the missing information pertaining to:
• China policy about game censorship.
• China policy about copyright violation.
• China online market growth from 2003-2010.
• China policy in using games as a promotion of culture.
• China export policy on online gaming.

Niko was able to provide Ahmed with the necessary information to enable him to complete his thesis, and we are proud to congratulate him on graduating with honors.

Below is an excerpt from a letter we received upon Ahmed’s graduation as a thank you for the help we provided:
“Thank you very much for your help to finish my final essay. Your info and your words give me spirit to keep writing and finally finish my task. I hope you always success and health everywhere you go and stay. And again, I just can say Thanks for everything. God Bless You. Thank you very much, Ahmed.”

Niko Partners has helped many students over the 13-year history of our firm. Niko’s founder Lisa Hanson believes in “peace through intercultural understanding” and strives to promote this concept in both work and daily life. We also believe in educating the next generation of digital games industry and government officials, and we hope that providing insight or clarity on certain points of data will be valuable to the students we assist. In addition to helping with academic research projects, we also have an ongoing graduate-level internship program, and many of our U.S.-based interns hail from Asia.