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Press release: Southeast Asian Mobile Games Revenue Projected to Reach $3.3 Billion by 202011-03-2016
Niko 2016 服务及资费04-01-2016
Niko 2016 Services and Fees04-01-2016
Press release: Chinese PC Online and Console Games Market Report05-01-2014
Niko Company Brochure and Fee Schedule03-10-2014
Press Release: Southeast Asia Online Games Market to Double12-03-2013
Press Release: Chinese Gamers Report10-23-2013
Press Release: China Midyear Update 201309-30-2013
Press Release: Chinese Mobile Games Market to Reach 1.2 Billion in 201309-04-2013
Location of Gameplay and Gaming Hardware Report07-11-2013
Press Release: Niko forecasts China’s PC Online Games Market to Reach $11.9 B in 201305-02-2013
Chinese Games Industry Regulations & Policy Report10-31-2012
China’s Casual and Social Games Report 201208-09-2012
China’s Mobile Games Market Report 201206-01-2012
2012 China’s MMOGS and Payment Methods Press Release05-31-2012
2012 China’s MMOGS and Payment Methods Report05-12-2012
Niko Chinese I-Cafe Data March 201204-01-2012
Niko Chinese I-Cafe Data February 201203-01-2012