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Success in Asia requires a deep knowledge of the market, regulations, and consumer behavior unique to the region.

Niko is the best single source for the highest quality and most reliable market intelligence covering all segments of the video games market in Asia. Our 5-year forecasts have a strong record of accurate projections.

Niko Partners combines data from game developers and publishers, publicly available data from other sources such as
retailers and Chinese app markets, our market model, and our gamer survey results to calculate market estimates and generate lists of leading games. We also regularly interview executives at games and hardware companies as well as government officials. We leverage our own proprietary primary data combined with direct access to a panel of more than four million consumers in China, and millions more throughout Asia, to create deep qualitative and quantitative analysis, market models, and five-year forecasts. Our analysts regularly conduct gamer surveys, interviews, and focus groups throughout China as well as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Chinese Taipei,
Japan, South Korea, and India.