What you’ll learn from this report:

China remains a powerhouse in the global games industry. It is the largest games market globally with one third of global PC games revenue generated domestically. At the same time, Chinese game companies are expanding their reach globally, accounting for 39% of PC games revenue worldwide. As the country reopens and its gaming sector sees a rebound, it is important to deeply understand the Chinese gaming scene from companies & games-to-watch to regulations and games licenses. And despite regulatory and licensing challenges, several international hit game titles are available in China via platforms such as Steam International. There are other loopholes in the ISBN system as well, which are important to understand.

Our latest report on the PC Games market in China provides a comprehensive guide and insightful analysis to those aiming to navigate and tap into the lucrative China’s market.



70 slides

Key takeaways from the analysis:

  • The total market for PC, mobile and console games revenue in China was $45.5 billion in 2022 and is forecast to surpass $57 billion in 2027
  • China continues to be the largest market in the world with one third of global PC games revenue generated domestically
  • By 2027 China will be home to 730 million gamers. The country’s population is declining but the number of gamers is rising.
  • China’s market and Chinese companies cannot be ignored. Chinese companies account for 39% of PC games worldwide, including in the domestic China market
  • Tencent and NetEase commanded a combined 61% share for domestic PC games revenue in 2022. While the duopoly continues to dominate the games market, the combined market share was lower than in 2021 due to weak performance from legacy titles and a lack of new title launches – indicating other competitors are gaining ground.
  • Niko Partners projects that more than 1,000 domestic games and 100 import games will be approved in 2023, surpassing 2021 and 2022 totals.

Report Contents (70 slides):

  • Market Size and Forecast
    • A comprehensive market model and 5-year forecast through 2027
  • Growth Drivers and Inhibitors
    • Key growth drivers and inhibitors for PC games revenue in 2023 and beyond
    • Outlook on PC Gaming after the end of zero-COVID Policy
    • International and domestic revenue growth projections
  • PC Games Market Update
    • Genres to watch
    • Games to watch
    • Analysis on top genres and titles in 2022
    • Aftermath of Blizzard PC titles shutdown
    • Other key developments
  • PC Games Market Trends
    • Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC) technology
    • Cross platform games and IP
    • Success story of indie game developers
  • Gamer Survey Results and Analysis
    • Findings of our proprietary survey of 1,575 Chinese gamers
    • Qualitative and quantitative analysis on gamer demand, gaming and spending behavior, and usage for PC games
  • Top PC Games, Publishers, and Distributors
    • Top PC games by revenue
    • Top PC game publishers by domestic market share
    • Top PC game distribution platforms
  • Esports and Livestreaming
    • Esports industry revenue and outlook
    • Top esports game genres and titles
    • Gamer engagement with esports
    • Livestreaming metrics
    • Top platforms for watching gaming and esports content
  • Hardware and Location
    • Icafe and esports hotels
    • Play-to-earn (P2E) concept and web3 game
  • Regulations and M&A
    • Overview on new regulations
    • NPPA licensing and license forecasts
    • Investment activity

List of exhibits

  • China PC Games Revenue 2021-2027e
  • China PC Gamers
  • Weekly online hours of Internet users
  • China annual GDP growth ($MM)
  • Blizzard: What gamers did after the CN server shut down
  • Blizzard: Will gamers play on the CN server again if the title relaunches?
  • Peak concurrent users (PCCU) on Steam
  • Gamer survey results
  • Income breakdown
  • Age breakdown
  • Employment breakdown
  • Average hours per week playing PC Games
  • Average spend per month on PC games
  • Payment method used for PC games
  • Reason for making in game purchases
  • Most disliked aspect of video games
  • Items purchased most in PC games
  • What PC gamers do when they see an ad
  • How PC games obtain info about new games
  • Reason why gamers do not make in app purchases
  • What would motivate gamers to make purchases
  • Most important criteria when choosing a new game to play
  • Market share of game companies in China’s domestic PC games market-2022
  • Top PC game distribution platforms by % of PC gamers
  • Average number of games purchased in the past 12 months
  • China PC game international revenue ($ billion)
  • Esports aspirations
  • Gamer engagement with esports
  • Views, tips, and livestreamers for PC games on live streaming platforms
  • Top genres across the China Games Streaming Tracker
  • Top genres across the China Games Streaming Tracker
  • Time spent watching online content (hours per week)
  • Streaming platforms used to watch gaming and esports content
  • Most important reason for attending Internet cafes and esports hotels
  • % that consider certain aspects to be important or very important
  • % of gaming time over the past 3 months
  • Most important reason for attending esports hotels
  • Awareness of new game mechanics
  • Interest in new game mechanics
  • Game licenses (ISBN) issued by the NPPA since the April 2022 restart
  • PRC company-led game related investments (2021-April 2023)

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